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  • Oklahoma City Educational Article of the Month - How to get squirrel out of your attic

How to get squirrel out of your attic

How to get squirrel out of your attic

The common misconception is that Oklahoma City squirrels live in trees, they will live in trees if that is all they can get. Usually the squirrel in the attic is a female and she moved there deliberately, to raise her young. Think about it, your attic is about an ideal place to raise a litter of Oklahoma City squirrels, it is dry, it is warm and it is close more than likely to multiple sources of food, what better place could a mother squirrel find to raise her babies. That's all well and good for the mother squirrel, but it's a nightmare for you, squirrels make noise, they destroy insulation, they even eat the electrical wires, in general they seem to be trying to demolish your house around your ears.

The absolute easiest way to get rid of the squirrel in the attic is to call wildlife control, they will come and leave some traps and probably come back a couple days after that and remove the now captured Oklahoma City squirrel from your house, problem solved eh. The squirrel is gone but you are about to cop a huge account because if you call wildlife control they are the absolute most expensive route you can take, sure they are probably the fastest but to use them you need deep pockets.

One of the biggest problems with removing Oklahoma City squirrels is that unless you completely squirrel proof your house usually within a couple of hours of the resident squirrel been removed another one will is taken its place. There are many tales around of people capturing a squirrel, taking it for a drive and releasing it only to come home and find another squirrel has already taken its place, not a scenario you would like, so squirrel proofing the house is vital.

The most recommended method of getting rid of the Oklahoma City squirrel is in your attic is what they call “one-way doors”, they are used this way. First of all identify the entry and exit point the squirrel is using, then make sure that there are no other possible places for the squirrel to get in, get a one-way door and install it. What it does is allows the squirrel to leave but prevents it from coming back so it doesn't matter if the squirrel was at home or away when you install it.

The final thing you must do after preventing the squirrel from reentering the attic is to make sure there are no babies left behind.

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