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  • Oklahoma City Educational Article of the Month - Opossum prevention tips

Opossum prevention tips

Opossum prevention tips

Would I call Oklahoma City opossums dangerous, not from all the information I've gathered so far. Adult opossums are about 2 feet long and weigh in up to 10 pounds but they are relatively slow and not all at agile. They do have what looks like a vicious set of teeth but really seem to use them in defense when humans are involved, however they are quite willing to use their teeth and claws when it comes to creatures around their own size, like Oklahoma City raccoons and family pets. They're real weakness is they'll eat almost anything so they are very easy to trap. Opossums are very good climbers because their tail is semi-prehensile like monkeys, however is not strong enough to support the animal for more than a few seconds.

The most dangerous thing about an Oklahoma City opossum from a human standpoint is a disease and insects that seem to be ever present in the animals droppings. Most experts agree the only way to get rid of an opossum is to trap it and then take it for a drive. To trap an opossum the same topic trap you would use for a raccoon is ideal, the reason I say that is most traps are sold as raccoon traps, not opossum traps.

Really the best way to prevent an Oklahoma City opossum taking up residence in your house or yard is to make sure there's nothing for it to eat, that said, this animal probably one of the greatest scavenges around, so if you leave anything out it may decide that would make a good lunch.

Given a choice an opossum would prefer to live under your Oklahoma City house or under your shed or under your deck then inside the house, they are little bit like human beings in this regard, even though they are excellent climbers they prefer to stay on the ground.

Without a doubt the most annoying thing about Oklahoma City opossums is the horrible stench that accompanies them always. It is of course their major weapon to get bigger creatures, like humans, to leave them alone, the problem they have which of course they do not understand is that their smell is a major reason humans want them gone.
If you have to deal with opossum remember that when confronted or cornered an Oklahoma City opossum will most likely play dead but on a rare occasion it may decide to fight, especially if it's a young opossum and those sharp looking teeth really are dangerous so be careful.

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