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  • Oklahoma City Educational Article of the Month - How to get rid of groundhogs

How to get rid of groundhogs

How to get rid of groundhogs

There are two levels that need to be talked about when deciding to get rid of an Oklahoma City groundhog, do you just want to get rid of it off your property or do you want to get rid of it from the neighborhood. If the groundhogs burrow is already off your property and not on a neighbors property then one solution to your problem would be to go out to where the burrow is and plant a mixture of clover and alfalfa just for the groundhog to eat, these are two favorite food sources so while they are growing the groundhog won't bother with your garden.

If the groundhog is already on your Oklahoma City property or a neighbor's property then the task becomes a little harder. There is not a lot of point in putting up fences around want you are trying to protect, groundhogs are excellent climbers and they are also excellent at digging under fences. The one thing that is agreed by the legal Oklahoma City professionals and authorities is that you need to take effective action quickly. Initially this action should be little more than making life hard for the groundhog, basically to start off with you need to harass them and if that doesn't achieve the desired end then what you do has to escalate.

Initial harassment can be as little as filling in the holes with dirt, which they will be out again quickly, throwing rubbish then the holes, like stones which causes the real problems, another favorite form of harassment is to stick a hose down the hole and turn it on full blast, you get the idea, nothing designed to harm the animal just annoy the hell out of it. If you have children then enlist them in this form of harassment, kids seem to enjoy it especially if they understand the Oklahoma City animal will not be physically hurt.

If that hasn't worked after a couple of weeks it is time to take your persuasion methods up a notch. This includes spreading repellents, the number one being, human pee, but there are plenty of sprays, granules and other types of repellents on the open market. Setting up a motion activated sprinklers and lights also escalate the harassment and generally after a week or so of this the Oklahoma City groundhog moves. At the end of two weeks of this level of harassment if the groundhog is still there you may have to resort to trapping to remove it, traps should only be used early spring and late fall.

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