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  • Oklahoma City Educational Article of the Month - Bat repellent

Bat repellent

Bat repellent

Can you repel Oklahoma City bats and keep them out of your attic, of course you can. The first thing I'll say here is that there are some very effective methods of repelling bats but all of them seem to have another downside, once you've weighed each method with its pros and cons then it's up to you to decide.

This first method is a guaranteed winner but the initial cost is not cheap but the long-term effect is actually very good because not only will it deter Oklahoma City bats but a lot of other critters as well. What you do is get your local electrician in, and please use a professional, have him install in your attic a set of floodlights with a motion activator as well is a switch downstairs. This might sound a little far-fetched but you have to realise what you're dealing with. Oklahoma City Bats are nocturnal creatures that do everything in the dark, they eat, they sleep, they mate and they raise their young, all in the dark and that is the way they like it so if when they fly into your roof the lights turn on and there is no dark place they will leave because they need the darkness. A lot of other critters are also nocturnal and don't like bright lights so even if it doesn't frighten them off it will make them think again. The downside to this is that bright lights attract insects, we have all seen insects around a bright light.

Now I'm going to mention the one I really hate to mention, electronic bat deterrents, instead of buying one of these, take the money, go down to the local casino and put it all on double zero, your chances of doing anything worthwhile are better my way. The FTC has said repeatedly that electronic devices that are supposed to repel small mammals, bats are small mammals, do not work, they are a scam so please don't waste your money on one of these things.

There are a number of sprays and granulated repellents. Most of them work to a certain degree but most of the evidence suggests there are two problems with these types of repellents:
• the first problem is, they don't work on all Oklahoma City bats, just on some species
• after use the bats will leave but come back in a day or so, the spray or granules only put them off for a short period of time

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